Tech Support

Team or Group Pit Passes

*Each Person you’re Buying a Pass for who is 18+ MUST have their OWN Pit Pay Account*

You can Add Team Members before the Purchase Process to Speed Up Checkout. Click here for instructions.

Buy Passes for Your Team:

  • Find your Event
  • Tap on the “Get Your Pass” bar
  • Select “My Team”
  • Select the At-Track Duty they’ll perform from the dropdown menu if it doesn’t pre-populate
  • Select Passes for Each Person
  • Tap Continue
  • Select a Payment Method
  • Sign the Waiver IF you bought a Pit Pass for Yourself
  • Review and Complete Your Purchase
    • Your Card will be Charged after this Step

Each team member you’ve bought a pass for will receive a text message notifying them that you’ve bought them a pass and that they need to go to their pass to sign the waiver.

To buy a pass for other adults (18+), they must first have their OWN Pit Pay App accounts in order to sign the waiver to validate the pass. Then you can add them to “My Team or Group” in the main app menu and select “My Team” during checkout to buy passes for yourself and your team. For step-by-step instructions on how to buy passes for your team or group, check out the video above.

Every adult needs their own Pit Pay App accounts to have a verified identity to sign the waiver and validate the pass.

Promo Codes: If you have a promo code(s) from the promoter, enter it below the pass selection for each person to whom the promo code applies.

Not Seeing a Pass for a Certain Day?

If you don’t see any pit passes available for a team member for a single-day event, it likely means they already have a pit pass for that event. Each person can only have one pit pass for any given day. If it’s a multi-day event and they have a pit pass for one day of the event, you’ll only see available passes that don’t also include a pit pass for that day.

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