Tech Support

What You Will Need

To sign up for your own Pit Pay Account:

18 & Over

You must be 18 years of age or older to create a Pit Pay App Account. Adults who are parents or legal guardians of a minor can add the minor to their own Pit Pay App Account. Once the minor turns 18, they will need to create their own account.

Government Issued ID or Passport

You MUST have a scannable Government Issued ID or Passport to sign up for the Pit Pay App. Pit Pay utilizes ID scan technology to verify a user’s age and identity to meet insurance requirements for Esigning any agreements that may necessary for event participation.

If your ID Card is old, worn or faded, it may not scan successfully.

In most states you can order a replacement ID online, to be mailed quickly to your home for under $25.00.           

Smart Phone

In order to download and sign up for Pit Pay, you will need a cell and internet connected smart phone with a camera.

  • iPhone users should have at least iOS version 11.3 and Safari 11.
  • Android users should have at least Android 6.0.1 and Chrome 55.

Mobile number – (Unique from any Pit Pay User)

Your mobile phone number is your Pit Pay Account Number so you must provide a unique mobile number when signing up. (Number Can Not Be Used By / Shared With Any Other Pit Pay User)

Upon Account Signup and Sign In, you will be sent a verification code via text message to authenticate the mobile number as your Pit Pay Account Number.

Email Address – (Unique from any other Pit Pay User)

You must provide a unique email address when signing up for Pit Pay. (Email Address Can Not Be Used By / Shared With Any Other Pit Pay User).

Receipts, notices, messages and executed waivers will be delivered to the email address associated with your Pit Pay account.

Tip: You can quickly set up a free email account with Gmail or many other email providers.