Tech Support

The Second Parent / Guardian

How it Works

Requirements vary among tracks and insurance companies as to how many signatures are required on the minor’s waiver documents.

Requirements can include:

  • One Parent / Guardian Signature
  • Minor’s Signature
  • Second Parent / Guardian Signature

Depending on the requirements, only the parent / guardian purchasing the pass may need to sign, but the minor and / or the second parent, and typically all three, will need to sign the Parental Consent Form and Minor Waiver.

The parent / guardian will start by adding the Minor to their Pit Pay App. They will enter the minor’s details and the second parent / guardian’s information (if applicable) in case their signature is required. 

NOTE: The second parent / guardian does NOT have to have a Pit Pay App account.

The second parent will receive an email and a text message alerting them that they have been added as a Parent / Legal Guardian of the Minor in the Pit Pay App and notifying them of the following:

When Pit Passes are Purchased, Your Signature will be required on the Parental Consent Form and Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement. By signing the Parental Consent Form, you are giving up material legal rights on behalf of your minor child.

Once a pit pass is purchased for the minor, if the second parent’s signature is required, they will receive a link via text and email to e-sign the required documents.

If the Minor’s signature is required, both parents will receive a link via text and email so that the Minor can e-sign the required documents on either parent’s device.

You can edit the second parent’s information anytime by going to “My Minors” in the app menu and tapping on the correct minor’s name, going to the Parent #2 tab, making your changes, and tapping “Save.”