Tech Support

Minor Pit Passes

You can Add Minors before the Purchase Process to Speed Up Checkout. Click here for instructions.

Buy Passes for Your Minors:

  • Find your Event
  • Tap on the “Get Your Pass” bar
  • Select “My Minors”
  • Select an At-Track Duty from the List for Each Minor
  • Select Passes for Each Minor
  • Enter a Promo Code for Each Minor if you have one
  • Tap Continue
  • Select a Payment Method
  • Sign the Parental Consent Form
  • Review and Complete Your Purchase
    • Your Card will be Charged after this Step
  • The Minor and/or Parent #2 Will Need to Sign the Minor Waiver and Parental Consent Form
  • Links to the Minor Waiver will be Sent via Email and Text Message to Both Parents
  • Links to the Parental Consent Form will be Sent via Email and Text Message to Parent #2 IF that Parent is Required to Sign
  • Once All Signatures are Complete, the Orange Bar will be Removed from across the QR Code and the QR Code will be Scannable

Promo Codes: If you have a promo code(s) from the promoter, enter it below the pass selection for each Minor to whom the promo code applies.

Editing the Minor’s Information

You can edit information for the Minor by visiting My Minors in the app menu and tapping on the correct minor’s name. Once you’re done making changes to the Minor, tap Save.

You can also remove the minor from your Pit Pay Account by tapping Remove.

Editing Parent #2’s Information

If Parent #2 has a Pit Pay App account, you cannot edit their information because it’s pulled from their account.

If Parent #2 does NOT have a Pit Pay App account, you can edit their information by visiting My Minors in the app menu, tapping on the correct minor’s name, and going to the Parent #2 tab. You can edit Parent #2’s details, then tap Save.

If Parent #2 is no longer applicable, you can check the box for Parent #2 is not applicable because of death, termination of rights or does not exist and tap Save.

Once you have saved your changes, Parent #2’s info will be updated for that minor.

If there has been a waiver sent to the wrong phone number or email address for Parent #2 and the second parent or guardian cannot get access to sign the consent form, please submit a Support Request to the Pit Pay Team and we’ll be happy to help.

Second Parent / Guardian Requirement

Having both parents / guardians sign the Parental Consent Form may be a requirement for many tracks / insurance companies. Only one parent needs to have a Pit Pay Account. Parent #2 will be texted and emailed a link to any documents that require their signature.

Minor Signature Requirement

Having the Minor sign the waiver and release agreement is an insurance requirement. It should be very simple for the minor to sign the waiver with their finger on either parent / guardian’s mobile device as the link will be texted and emailed to both parents.

Trouble Signing the Waiver

If you see an “Unauthorized Access” error message while trying to sign as either the second parent or the minor, close out the error message and hit refresh on your internet browser while you have the waiver open in your browser window. Then, try signing again.

If you have any other trouble signing the waiver, please submit a Support Request to the Pit Pay Team.

Minor Attending Event Without the Parent / Guardian Who Purchased the Pass

If you’ve purchased a pass for a Minor, their name will be on the Pit Pay Participant List at the track. The Parental Consent Form and Minor Waiver must be e-signed in advance.

Check with the event promoter for any additional restrictions, but if your Minor(s) will be attending the event without you, they may need to show a form of identity (driver’s license, birth certificate, etc.) to be checked in. You can also send a screenshot of their pass(es) with them.

Duplicate Minors Appear When You are Buying Passes

If you have added the same minor to your list more than once OR you have been added as a second parent / guardian if Parent / Guardian #1 created a minor, you may see the same minor multiple times. You can go to My Minors in the app menu to remove the duplicate minors to reduce confusion at checkout.

Pass is in the Wrong Name

If you purchased a pass on your account intended for someone else, please submit a Support Request to the Pit Pay Team.

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