Tech Support

How It Works

Parents / legal guardians are able to purchase passes for their Minors (under 18 years of age) in the Pit Pay App.

  • Only 1 parent / guardian needs to have a Pit Pay App account
  •  The other parent / guardian, if applicable, will be notified that they have been added as a parent / guardian to the minor
  • The other parent / guardian will be notified via text and email anytime passes are purchased for the minor where the Parental Consent Form requires their signature. 
    • The text and email will contain links to the electronic waiver package where they can e-sign the required documents.
  • The second parent / guardian will also receive a text and email with links for the Minor to sign if that is required. This way, the Minor can sign on either parent’s device.
  • Tracks and insurance companies set the requirements for who must sign the Parental Consent Form and Minor Waiver.
    • Typically, both parents / guardians and the minor must sign the documents
    • However there are times where only one parent / guardian’s signature is required and/or where the minor may not be required to sign
  • If both parents / guardians have Pit Pay App accounts, they will both see the minor on their Minor List and they will BOTH see any passes purchased for the Minor in the My Passes section of each of their apps